A two-component bitumen-emulsion composition on a water basis for waterproofing



  • After polymerization, the product is a rubber-like elastic coating in black color.
  • The formed coating is weatherproof, water resistant, chemical and heat resistant.


Application area

External waterproofing and corrosion protection of building structures (foundations, roofing, tanks), pipelines.

The material can be used on horizontal, vertical and ceiling surfaces.


Work method

The application of the material is made only by a mechanized method using specialized two-channel equipment for liquid rubber. The ratio of component A to the solution of component B when sprayed should be 1:8



  • High speed of application up to 1000 m2 per shift.
  • Forms a seamless, highly elastic, rubber-like waterproofing coating.
  • High adhesion strength with the base.
  • Safe (fireless) way of working.High viscosity (for vertical surfaces).
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-65 .. + 110 ° C).
  • The possibility of waterproofing in hard-to-reach places of structures.
  • Fast coating polymerization: 75% within 5 seconds after mixing the components.
  • Ecologically safe product, does not contain harmful volatile substances.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Chemical resistance in corrosive environments.

INOFI 3 Two-component liquid rubber (3mm)

  • Component A: Bitumen-latex emulsion (stable, homogeneous dark brown liquid).

    Component B: Hardener (crystalline powder or white granules). Before use, component B is dissolved in pure water (5% of component B and 95% of water)

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