One-component composition, in form of a low-viscous liquid of dark brown color. Supplied as ready for use.



After drying, the composition forms a homogeneous solid film with good adhesion to the substrate and the cover layers.


Application area

Improves adhesion quality of the coating layers to the substrate. It is used for surface priming before fusing, gluing or laying bitumen rolls, roofing sheets and waterproofing materials.


Work method

Application of the product is done manually using a brush or roller or in a mechanized manner, using airless or air drawing.

The requirement for surface moisture is no more than 8%.

Fusing, gluing, laying and application of roofing materials should/could be done after the primer has dried (after about 20 minutes).



  • Full compatibility with bitumen based materials.

  • Improves adhesion of the coating layer to the substrate.

  • Possibility of application at negative temperatures down to -10 ° С.

  • Convergence.

  • Quick drying time.

  • High penetrating power when applied to iron, foam, aerated concrete.

  • Possibility of applying both manually and mechanically.

  • Economical consumption.


INOFI 6 Bitumen Primer

  • Bitumen and organic solvent

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