Two-component polyurethane composition for waterproofing.



  • After polymerization, the composition forms a seamless, waterproof, highly elastic coating.


Application area

External waterproofing of underground structures (parking lots, foundations, pipelines).

Internal waterproofing of premises with high humidity (showers, bathrooms, bathrooms, laundries); mastic roofs.


Work method

The material is applied manually with a roller or brush or mechanically using Graco Airlessco HSS 9000, Wagner HC 960 piston units or corresponding with a capacity of at least 10 liters / minute and a working pressure of at least 150 bars.  When applied to vertical surfaces, the thickness of the mastic layer is min 1 mm, max 2 mm.

When applied to horizontal surfaces, the thickness of the mastic layer is min 2 mm, max 4 mm. If necessary, several layers can be applied in accordance with the appropriate holding time.



  • High adhesion strength with the base.
  • Possibility of applying both manually and mechanically.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (-65 ... + 110 ° C).
  • Ability to apply to vertical surfaces.
  • High elasticity.
  • Stability in corrosive environments.
  • Wide range of colors: RAL 1013, 7046, 6043, 6019, 1014, 3012, 3015, 4009, 9010

INOFI 4 PU polyurethane two-component mastic

  • Component A: Thick white paste. In the case of tinted mastic, the pigment is located at the bottom of the package, the discoloration of the paste occurs with stirring

    Component B: Clear viscous liquid from light yellow to brown

    Components are mixed immediately before use

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