Equipment for the mechanized application of two-component bitumen-emulsion compositions.


INOFI 7 consists of the
following elements:

1. Carrier frame on wheels
with a drum for hoses
2. Pumping station of two
membrane pumps with
pressure valves and motors,
components, performing a
sampling in the ratio required
for homogeneous mixing of
the two components
3-6. A set of hose fence, feed
and return
7-8. A set of nozzles, installed
at the output of each of the
channels of the gun-sprayer
9-10. Components A and B
11. A two-channel spray gun



  • The device allows airless cold spraying of a special bitumen-latex water emulsion and its hardener. As a result, any surface is covered with a monolithic, seamless waterproof membrane.

  • The unit is designed for work in both closed and open areas.


Application area

Exterior waterproofing recessed structures (foundations, basements, piles and tanks), conduits


Work method

See "Operation of the unit" in the operating instructions.


Advantages ​​​​​​​

  • Mobility.

  • Stability of the pumps when feeding components.

  • The application process is controlled by a spray gun (if necessary, a pause in operation allows you to switch the supply of components to the ring, which avoids stopping the entire installation).

  • The drum for hoses accelerates their unwinding and winding.

  • Complete set for the beginning of waterproofing work as a standard delivery set.

INOFI 7 Rubber Spray equipment

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    1. Concrete, reinforced concrete, aerated concrete
    2. Brickwork
    3. Metal

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