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Inovatech Finland Oy is a specialist in high quality, tested and certified but yet reasonably priced bitumen and polyurethane based protection and coating products. They have a CE mark in accordance with the requirements, Declarations of Performance (DoP), RT card and other needed documentation. The products have been tested according to many EN standards in laboratory authorized by Nando.

The technologies represented by Inovatech Finland Oy have been applied globally for decades. All their application possibilities are, however, not known everywhere and they are not produced in all countries. Yet they have lots of characteristics which save working time and costs. With them the target will be ready many times faster than with other technologies. Some of them have a very short drying time. The speed saves time and work costs. Needed quantities are small. They can be applied for many purposes. The products can be used wide temperature range, some even down to -20 C. A seamless, waterproof service will be ready at one time. 

The products represented by Inovatech Finland Oy are save and environment friendly. No fire work is needed. Devices are safe to use. The products do not contain any constituents harmful to health or environment. 

In addition to selling coating products Inovatech Finland Oy leases devices needed to spray them. The equipment have been certified according to ISO standard and they have a CE mark. When leasing the equipment You will pay only for the time You need them. We and the manufacturers' experts will train Your personnel to manage the equipment and products.On the other hand our skilled partner network is at Your disposal to carry out coating work. 

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